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CBiS - The Centre for Bioinformation Science
Bioinformatics at the ANU

Bioinformatics at the ANU

The Centre for Bioinformation Science (CBiS), is part of the Institute for Advanced Studies at The Australian National University (ANU). CBiS forms a bridge between two areas of major strength at ANU, mathematics and biological sciences.

CBiS brings together researchers with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and quantitative biology with the goal of developing a conceptual architecture for an information-based, integrative approach to complex biological systems.


CBiS is located in the Mathematical Sciences Institute, and has strong links to other areas of the University.

Queries about postgraduate training and positions in CBiS should be directed to:


CBiS has hosted a successful series of Summer Symposia in Bioinformatics.

BioInfoSummer07 will take place December 10th-14th 2007.

You can receive notices such as calls for papers, opening of registration etc. by subscribing to the BioinfoSummer-Notices mailing list.